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Making Your Lives Better and Comfortable

In today’s digitalized world of modern living, efficiency and convenience have become a necessary thing for all of us. Home automation solutions are the best pick for enhancing comfort, streamlining daily tasks and optimizing energy usage in your households. The latest home automation solutions by Arham Audio Visuals include controlling temperature, lighting, and security and entertainment systems with just a voice command or a tap on your smartphone.

Home automation solution has proven to be effective and safe for homes. By revolutionizing the way we interact socially, you can use home automation solutions to simplify your daily routines and create a more secure and connected home environment for everyone.

What Do We Offer As A Home Automation Company In Ahmedabad?

Our home automation solutions include:

Lighting Automation Solutions: Arham offers Crestron which is made to simplify the design, installation and startup of a commercial lighting control with the right products. Our sustainable solution lets you control everything around you at the touch of a button. The wake scene turns on the lights and adjusts the preferred temperature. The showtime scene closes the shades and dims the lights to let you experience a movie night with the family.

Multiroom Audio Solutions: Sonnex provides the essential controls for everyday listening. It allows you to control the volume, treble, bass, loudness, mute, zone and five selectable tone profiles at your comfort. You can also experience advanced user functions such as do-not-disturb, alarm clock, paging, and sleep timer.

Centralized AV Solutions: With this home automation solution, you can have complete management for SD, HD, UHD, 2K, 4K and other computer signals with the best resolution and signal management. This automation is supposed to offer ultra-fast digital video and audio switching at your comfort. With this solution, you can centrally control the full range of selectable input and output.

HVAC Bacnet Control Solutions: The HVAC System is ideal for maintaining the climate for each place separately. The home automation solution is suitable for controlling a steady temperature which can help in the reduction of energy bills. It comes with settings which allow you to pre-program it and adjust it as per your preferences.

Curtain Control Solutions: The integrated lighting control solutions consist of exclusive features that add beauty, comfort and convenience to your private space. The brushless motor is reliable; it helps in increasing the home’s value and security.

Intrusion & Security System Solutions: Creston offers world-class security and enhances the services by allowing the user to control the lighting and temperature. The control panels are designed using modern technologies which can easily be accessed by the user. The home automation solution lowers the installation and maintenance costs and enables a robust security system.

Voice Control Solutions: Amazon Alexa enables Creston to make your wish a command. The voice control home automation solution in sync with Creston effortlessly does whatever you say. If you want to open the blinds of your master bedroom, you just have to activate Alexa and say morning theme. The home automation solution is perfect for organizing parties and get-togethers and setting the mood for an intimate dinner.

Arham Audio Visual System Private Limited- The Best Automation Company in Ahmedabad

Arham is the best automation company in India for all your home and commercial automation solution needs. Our products include automation solutions related to lighting control, music, climate control, board rooms for meetings, home theatre, conference rooms for audio & video conferencing, smartphones and tablets and many more things.

Connect with us to enhance your life with added comfort, savings, convenience and peace with our top-notch quality products.


1. What are the benefits of home automation products offered by the best automation company in Ahmedabad?

Arham Audio Visual System Private Limited offers home automation solution products that are energy efficient and provide increased comfort and enhanced security.

2. How does a home automation product work?

Home automation solutions come in various devices and systems such as lighting controls, entertainment systems, smart thermostats and security cameras. These devices enable communication with each other and allow users to control these devices via tablets, smartphones and even voice commands.

3. Apart from home automation solutions, what does Arham- the best automation company in India offer?

Arham Audio Visual System Private Limited offers products related to:

  • Home theater solutions
  • Conference room AV solutions
  • Auditorium AV solutions
  • House of Worship AV solutions
  • Meeting/huddle room AV solutions
  • Cafe/lounge AV solutions
  • Landscape AV solutions
  • IP CCTV surveillance solutions
  • Hotels & restaurant solutions
  • AV cables & accessories

Invest In Technology That Saves Your Time

Arham Audio Visual System Private Limited is the best automation company in Ahmedabad that is passionate about delivering complete technological solutions through its high-quality devices. We believe in making your lives easier by controlling your day-to-day activities through our integrated systems and devices, anytime and anywhere.

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