Cafe/Lounge AV Solutions

Quick Overview

For a cafe or Lounge sound system the aim is to uniform coverage of clear sounding audio with minimal visual impact. What this means is that there are no loud or quiet spots, the music is crisp and clear without intruding into the customer's ability to have a conversation, and the sound system itself is not visually intrusive. Venue Technical Services will work with you to find the correct products and installation plan to suit your venue. However, having a good sound system is only half of the story.

Cafes and Lounge are naturally noisy environments. The sounds generated by coffee machines, kitchens, waitstaff and other customers can often make for an unpleasant experience. This is where Venue Technical Services knowledge and experience in acoustics is important. We can work with you to custom design the best solution for your cafe or Lounge that keeps your customers happy and returning again and again.